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as the start of the season approaches what's next?

Sun Jun 25, 2017 9:58 am

A follow up on my "as the end of the season approaches what's next?"

Well very little has happened so far despite Jose confirming that he gave his list to Scouse Ed in March
It would be very easy to get frustrated and presume nothing has or even is going to happen
That would be incorrect
The Glazers are just prioritising what they need to do
They are aware that this team is not going to challenge for anything in its current state
They are aware that without Zlatan the great they have even lost a serious marketing tool which is far more important than building a successful team

So what is going to happen next
These are my predictions and some of the reasons why things are so slow

First they need to see where they stand with the two main assets
In terms of cash coming in they need to know for sure whether Madrid have a serious interest in DDG
On the other side i hear Morata is a must have for Jose
Madrid are willing to let Morata go as he is not the best player they have ,by a distance but in a red shirt he can be a serious upgrade to what we have
As he has been at Madrid he already has an interested Chinese fan club that United feel they can twist over so it is just the price the two clubs are discussing
No other club appears to rate Morata good enough to consider so i predict Morata will join United amid a fanfare of "proud to announce our new number 9"
It is just when and also if DDG can be used possibly as a straight swap on close to
It seems a shame to waste good dividend Cayman Islands cash on footballers

Inter Milan have to sell and they have to see this week(before June 30th) to get out of FFP problems
As such expect Peresic this week

A holding midfielder is also wanted by Jose and as they are not usually that expensive i can see Scouse Ed being forced to buy either Matic or some player similar who is not currently on anybody's radar
I personally think Matic won't come,as he will be too expensive for us so expect an unknown player

On the way out Januzaj(for £10m) and United are after high bids for Smalling and Martial(£70m the pair)

Wazza is interesting
He can't find anybody to meet his requirements ie close to Merseyside and willing to go anywhere near what he expects as a salary
Ed is quite relaxed as he will use Wazza as a sort of an ambassador to the Far East
Jose has made it clear his role next season will be minimal so if he does stay as is looking more and more likely expect a lot of injuries which will require recuperation weeks in Hong Kong and similar

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Re: as the start of the season approaches what's next?

Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:42 am

Things are predictably slow at the moment as all the rumours have died down in the media about us.I assume little Ed in having a well earned break at Pontings in the Cayman Islands.

I agree with your predictions other than Matic who I believe Jose is very keen on.Another possibility is Renato Sanches who is available on a knock down fee of £24million which is peanuts in today's market.He hasn't been successful at Bayern but I think Jose could get the best out of him.A very versatile misfielder in my opinion.

I think right and left fullback/wingbacks will be strengthened and maybe a quality no.10.I think Martial will go in a part/ex deal but expect De Ghea to stay.
I also think Zlatan will be given a contract for the last half of the season but Wazza will go.

That's my twopenneth for what it's worth but I could be way out which would be no surprise. :P

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Re: as the start of the season approaches what's next?

Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:29 pm

havent heard any talk about Renato Sanches at all (surprising as we get linked with every player in the world usually!) but if he were to be available for £24m, that should be a "sign him up" moment!

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