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Re: Pre/Post Match Discussion: Premier League vs Bournemouth (h)

Mon Mar 06, 2017 7:46 am

Still fuming after that result - how many chances do we need to put teams away? our goal conversion rate must be the worst in the league - the ref actually gifted that game on a plate and we still cant take it.

Didn't understand the subs either - rashford I can understand but bringing on Fellaini for carrick took the passing ability out of our midfield and then putting Lingard LB? has he ever played there before?

I think the red card actually helped Bournemouth more than us - strange thing to say but they had to park the bus and you know what happens when we have to play against that.

This team is so frustrating - win 2-3 of those games that we have completely dominated and we are looking ok but due to incompetence we are struggling big time.

Seems like the only way into the champions league is via the Europa

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