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Ed-The kiss of death

Wed Jul 05, 2017 12:15 pm

I have been pondering this for a while and i am wondering whether you think my judgement is warped

Even the biggest todger bangers and biggest optimists and biggest "this will always be my team no matter what" merchants are starting to look very sceptically at this transfer window

I want to go back further
To the time when the Glazers/Scouse Ed took over
For the first few years all sorts of excuses were made,and accepted as to why this club was going backwards
Players were not replaced and the standard excuse was "having to pay the debt"
To be honest that should never have been an accepted excuse
The richest club in the world overnight became the most indebted and as a result we couldn't afford players!!
World class players were sold for huge amounts of money which all vanished
Eventually as the club deteriorated we reached a point where Alex Ferguson retired
He used every ounce of guile to get this team one last championship.How he did it with that average team is still beyond my understanding
I am sure you know what i mean
But did he retire because he had seen enough or did he retire because he knew what was happening?
Retire he did though and since then he has barely missed a match

In comes David Moyes
A very successful manager at Everton but after a dreadful transfer window he ended up badly managing a shit team
He got dogs abuse from all the United fans
SAF got dogs abuse as he alledgedly recommended Moyes
But looking back did dithering Dave,as he became known really do badly in the transfer market or did he do what Jose has done ie give Scouse Ed a wants list in March and leave him to it
In hindsight then,if he did and he might well have done,who let who down?
Either way since United Moyes has been a no confidence wreck and i have to say his management career is realistically over

So in comes LVG
He gets a few players but nowhere near enough and nowhere near the required quality
So did he also give Scouse Ed a list and did Scouse Ed just provide him with say 50% of what he wanted?
Was the LVG style of football,that was not his previous style from earlier clubs come about because he used the players he had well?
He did make Smalling look a lot better than we all knew and know he is
He did win us an FA Cup but got the bullet and is now finished in football management
So that's 3 out of 3 for Scouse Ed

Now we have Jose
A man whose teams have played exciting football mostly over the years
Yes they play a "park the bus style" against top clubs but against the shit his previous clubs have run rampant
Not with United though
Yes you todger bangers can get excited about the two having a laugh cups but last season is noted as being shit in style
Unless something happens in the transfer market this summer could be fun
Will jose retire!!??

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