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Re: United vs Galaxy match video

Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:44 pm

Why do i want United to fail
Well actually i don't but i do want them to start building a football team first,a football club second and a brand third
As opposed to a brand and fornicate everything else

If you are being honest why do you think you have been able to talk so much vitriolic shit about Rooney for so long?
It's because he should have been replaced at least 2 years ago and probably 3 but why wasn't he?
The answer is that he was worth significantly more commercially than he was as a footballer
You were on this forum several timess a day wanting him and therefore the club to fail.
But you didn't have a problem with that
Well he's gone now and he's telling a few home truths which are being dismissed,as it suits
Things like the "quality of player has gone down"
Well it has hasn't it?
Or are you happy with where we finished last year and how we played
Who is going to get your shit this year?
You have been asked it several times and not answered
The smart money is on Fellaini getting both barrels off you all this season

So what would make me happy
The Glazers to sell to somebody who puts the club first.Like the Red Knights.But that is not going to happen
Scouse Ed to leave the club and take a seat on the board of his beloved Liverpool so he can screw them up
That is not going to happen either

I don't look for any scrap that these new signing did wrong
They put it on a plate
Not everybody was convinced by Lukaku and after only one game you can possibly see why
Yes it was his first game,yes it was only one half.
But after only 4 minutes his mate Pogba gave him one on a plate and he screwed it up
His mate Lindelof,who nobody knew anything about, forgot to concentrate and gave 2 away in the final few minutes
Yes the keeper is shit but United are building up as the next Bert Trautmann.they must be planning to sell him

So i will give the season a chance
Every season starts with hope but it gets less for me each season

Experience tells me that a high percentage on here have not given up yet as many todgers were bashed over the season for the likes of Depay,Anderson,Falcao,Schneiderlin,Schweinsteiger etc
I got abuse for daring to suggest they were probably average players
so to get abuse for suggesting the same about Lindelof and Lukaku is no surprise

For information Scouse Ed is not in LA
So where is Golum???
Urgent transfer business??
Ask David Moyes

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Re: United vs Galaxy match video

Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:17 pm

Red Maria said:

'When you make me aware that my opinions are neither sought nor welcome might i suggest you are speaking on behalf of a percentage of the forum and not all of the forum'

I was speaking on my own account, not that of others, and did not state or imply otherwise.

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