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Where's the Captain and the senior players ? !!

Thu May 09, 2019 7:29 am

There is a video of a very dejected Scott Mctominay sat in the dugout after the Huddersfield game.

The kid is obviously very upset, the commentator says he looks "Smashed".
DAnny Higingbottom comments that this is the reaction that a manager wants to see in his players after a defeat that cost so much.

My questions are;
Where is the Captain, he should be talking to this lad, he should be out there with him
Where are his so called team mates, why are they not seen looking for him

But above all, why has anyone let him leave the dressing room to let him suffer in this way.

This one scene has convinced me that we don't have a team at United, we don't even have a squad, what we have is a group of players who try to kick a ball around together, for me that doesn't work, and it obviously doesn't work for this lad either.

It actually upsets me to see one of our "rising stars" being left like this.

I am more and more getting to believe what Gary Neville is saying, this club doesn't need a clear out, it needs major surgery, whoever is running the football side of things had had seven years to get it right, they haven't so they have to go.
This club needs major surgery, and it needs to start this summer, but the surgery will never be the cure until the manager makes a stance, he needs the backing to get players fit, to get rid of players who don't want to do things his way.

It's either that or mid table mediocrity until it happens.

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Re: Where's the Captain and the senior players ? !!

Thu May 09, 2019 8:13 am

I wouldn't read that much into Scott crying on his own - it's happened before (even in the best of times) where a young player is alone in tears after a bad loss. He could've slipped out of the dressing room - he's an adult, or maybe he had been spoken to already or something else.

However, I do agree with Gary as you do that we don't have a team, and I do agree that major surgery is needed. What we're seeing unravel before our eyes is years of poor investment off field first, and on.

When we bought Sanchez - I was so disappointed, first because we had no pressing need in his position, and he disrupted the team more than anything, but more tellingly, it exposed the fact that we had no recruitment plan. We bought him simply to hijack City's deal.

With Zlatan and Matic, they seemed like deals for a quick plaster job - which is fine as long as there is a long term plan to go with it. There's obviously not.

I can relate to Gary saying they remind him of the old Spurs.
Rashford's interview of the players having honest words WHILE AT THE SAME TIME having this code where they don't call anybody out said it all. How do you have honest words without calling people out?

What I'd like someone to clarify for me is what a Director of Football does vs a Football Manager when it comes to recruitment. Who has the final say? Who comes up with the ideas and suggestions? Does the DOF overrule the manager or vice versa? It's all a bit grey.

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Re: Where's the Captain and the senior players ? !!

Thu May 09, 2019 5:19 pm

A director of football in the modern world has a job to scour the world looking for players of the style he believes the manager wants
The managers job is to negotiate almost to the signature and secure the signing
The financial directors job is to confirm at the start how much money is available and then either rubber stamp the transfer or explain to the manager what any problem is

The decision and choice of a players always has and always will be the managers in a football club
I assure you that Klopp found the goalkeeper and the centre half
and that Pep does his own choosong
But who chooses at United
LVG said he got 4th choice players
Moyes said he was given 6 year but only got one player
Jose said he got none out of 5 defenders.
So who chooses them and who negotiates them at OT
Who chose and signed Scweinsteiger,Falcoa,Bailly,Snachez,Lukaku,Fred etc etc

Matt Busby had his own team around him that started at junior level through local schoolteachers in England and scouts in Ireland and went upwards through Jimmy Murphy
that's how they got Duncan Edwards,Bobby Charlton,George Best
Matt had personal contacts around the world from Real Madrid to South America as did Don Revie at leeds and Bill Shankly at Liverpool
There was no financial director in those days because the money was relatively poor

SAF had his brother Martin in South America scouting and a mountain of personal contacts round Europe and England.That's how we got Cantona and RVN etc
He had Eric Harrison in the youths supported by Nobby Stiles and Kiddo
His financial man was David Gill.A football man through and through plus a United nut

These current bastards have abandoned the youths and reserves so City and Chelsea get them all
Ole doesn't have contacts around the world and Europe.Why should he?

So who is/will be the director of football?
Not Rio.He has no contacts.Just a desire to grow his own player agency

WQho is doing the searching and who is doing the negotiating
Of course it can only be Ed Woodward

It is worse than you lot think

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