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Chelsea in the Premier League.
Saturday 20th October 2018, KO 12:30 BST.
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Congratulations to Arsenal who have had a better season than Spurs

Sat May 27, 2017 7:37 pm

Well everything i said about the cup final came true
The Arse put in their number 2 goalkeeper and he patted one into his own goal

I assume you lot will think the Arse are better than Spurs now that they have won a trophy
Any trophy seems to make a great season with some so to you guys i bow

The Arse will almost certainly lose the best player they have in Sanchez but if the greedy bastard wants more money and to play in the champions league then he must go
We wouldn't want a player with that attitude would we?
Well i would!!

Fighting over money at board level and looking forward to the having a laugh league

Poor Spurs :laugh: :laugh:

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