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Winter Break ?

Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:13 pm


As soon as 2020, in late Jan Early Feb, plans to hold the FA cup fifth round mid week with no replays, I woulder who this move by EPL is out to please, has to be Sky or BT influenced.

The FA are claiming that it would benefit the national team, because players are tired and shagged out after playing 180mins football for 7 weeks before a 3 week rest to play in the World and Euro Cups, forgetting that most English players are shite in the first place and are overpaid pussies.

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Re: Winter Break ?

Wed Apr 18, 2018 9:14 pm

The European leagues that have a winter break all take the opportunity to play lucrative friendlies in Middle East/Far East/USA etc.. So I call bullshit on the "tired players" argument!

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