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Brighton in the Premier League.
Saturday 19th January 2019, KO 15:00 UTC.
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Pre/Post Match Discussion: Premier League vs Brighton (h)

Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:20 pm


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Home to Brighton in the Premier League.
Saturday 19th January 2019, KO 15:00 UTC.

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Re: Pre/Post Match Discussion: Premier League vs Brighton (h)

Sun Jan 13, 2019 9:05 pm

Preview :

Perfect start for Ole, some good football and excellent football at times. The Acid test was not Spurs as I do believe we have a better team on paper than them and a better squad for sure.

I think this is a build up to hopefully getting the momentum for the PSG game. Our front three are excellent at this moment creating chances even in the second half against Spurs.

Pogba probably should have made it 0-2 but the real question is how fit is this team to play that one and two touch football.

Some weakness have been exposed, or CBs are slow we are weak at set pieces and forgot how to defend the second ball.

I think we do need a number 5 and a solid header of the ball to stop that second ball. So what do we need to do if we work with we have we do have players to hurt any team from midfield to attack.

If the game were 70 minutes we could play anyone off the park but after that mark we tend to lose a bit momentum.

One any day we can beat any team in the prem. This 5 out of 5 game winning run in the prem is superb.

I expect Alexis to be back and I think the style is to play the ball on the ground where you will seldom see us crossing and scoring headed goals.

In the Spurs match there was poor finishing. Every game in the prem is a challenge. Who are our best CB is it smalling and lindelof.

I expect some changes and the goal is to try and catch Spurs as Ole said. We seven points behind them and I don't think they can win the title with there squad.

Potcb is good tactically as he proved by changing the system at half time. Brighton gave Liverpool a good game so I expect us to go for the kill against them to move up to a while the UCL takes a break.

4 games then the 5th is against Liverpool. The next 4 games are winnable and if that is done then it will be sweet to beat Liverpool at Old Trafford winning 10 games back to back.

I expect us to take the game to Brighton and the only question is whether we change the team. I think there will be some changes.

Fred the Red and I think Fred could adapt to be the player that we signed or thought we signed.

This team has talent and we can beat any team at Old Trafford. I expect a lot of goals in this game and a few changes.

Player to watch: Fred Herrera had cramp so maybe this will be Fred's opportunity.

Dalot. Bailly. Lindelof Shaw

Fred. Matic. Pogba

Sanchez. Rashford. Martial

Subs: Romero, Fellini, Mata, Lingaard, Lukaku, Mctomanny.

There will be some changes due to the away FA Cup tie at Arsenal.

Prediction: Home win 5-0

Man Utd to play on the attack to improve the goal difference to go 5th

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Re: Pre/Post Match Discussion: Premier League vs Brighton (h)

Tue Jan 15, 2019 1:34 pm

At some point, we're going to not win a game. Hopefully, this isn't the one. Brighton are an inconsistent team who've got some results agains top clubs and then lost to clubs at the bottom, which is probably why they're in 13th.

They don't make a habit of conceding loads, so probably not 5-0, but I'd very much like another clean sheet and a few goals on our side.


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