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LASK in the Europa League.
Wednesday 5th August 2020, KO 20:00 UTC.
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Transfers in and out

Sun Aug 02, 2020 6:33 pm

As usual we will be linked with everybody and get nobody
Liverpool don’t need anybody
City have been out and done this business already
That’s first and second position consolidated ahead of us so we are now after third or fourth and hope we don’t get a total dicking somewhere in the Champions League
DDG is pissed off at not having a professional goalkeeping coach and they are struggling to get him to train
Nobody had seen a Phil Jones for a few weeks until he turned up to train this weekend as he is expecting a game against Lask.Apparently he has bulked up and looks like the Hulk.He can’t fit in his shirt and Ole was furious and told him to lose weight and muscle immediately
He has refused and now won’t train either
Jesse has made his excuses about why he has had a shit season but in fact he has had two.Both Jesse and Jones are on long Term contracts as is Our esteemed world class midfielder
Rojo will be sold and they have to do something with the goalkeepers
Bit of a shit shop really

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