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Jimmy Murphy

Thu Jan 03, 2008 7:40 am

This is from the book "Matt, United and Me" By Jimmy Murphy - The original 1966 printing - in following editions Jimmy had a lot of this edited out, he always said he thought it far to painful to know that it was down on paper, he said that to him it was a personal grief and not one to be shared just to make good reading

"I arrived at Manchester airport, after a very successful trip with the Welsh lads, our result with Israel had just about sent us into the World Cup Finals in Sweden. I had no trouble getting a taxi and put my suitcase and the box of oranges the Israeli team had given us all inside, 'Looks like we'll win the European Cup, Mr Murphy' the taxi driver told me, I agreed, it was possible, a very good result in Belgrade and we were one year older and one year wiser now, it did seem possible. I believed we could get to the final at least.

So I arrived at Old Trafford, something seemed odd, but I couldn't make out what it was, I grabbed a huge handful of letters and made my way upstairs, going through the reception area one particular letter caught my eye, I recognised the handwriting, a young lad who had spent half his life in hospital, he never stopped writing and telling me how much he loved the visit by the team,

They were like that those boys, if they heard about a fan who was very ill or in hospital they would go and visit them, they often took it in turns to tour the hospital wards, just saying hello and cheer people up.

My secretary Alma called out to me "Mr Murphy" I carried on across the carpet, chuckling at the young lads letter, such a polite boy, when he gets out of hospital we'll have him as a guest at out first home game. "Mr Murphy!" Alma again "Yes Dear?" I said as I reached the stairs going up to my office ...... "MR MURPHY" "Yes Dear" I said, absorbed in the young boys letter ....

"Mr Murphy, you don't understand" I looked at her properly, she was a pretty girl, but her face was puffed and bloated, her eyes red raw, she was shaking ... "Mr Murphy .... please ... the United plane has crashed ..... at Munich ..... they're dead ....... they're all dead"

I felt my whole world collapse around me, this was ...... I reeled up the stairs and stumbled across to my chair, I was in shock, The Great Team was dead, the dream was over, life was worth nothing, was it true? If only Matt was here, he'd know what to do, wait .... he was on the plane. I opened a bottle of whiskey and thankfully for a few hours I remember little else"

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